Leaving More Profits In Our Real Estate Deals Than Most Companies

We make doing Real Estate Deals with GIG, Inc. easy.

What We Do

Number 1


We have contracted with Individual Cash Buyers to purchase Real Estate Properties to buy for us without the "Hassle" of obtaining a Loan of any Kind. In other words, our Cash Buyers simply transfer the Cash, from their Account to the Closing Attorney's Account and Buy the Properties from the Sellers within 5 to 10 business days after Clear Tile Search.

Number 2


 We locate Real Estate Properties in any Condition for our Cash Buyers and present the properties to them for their Approval or Disapproval.  Since we know a lot about what our Cash Buyers wants, we have a "Very High Approval Rate" with Our Cash Buyers.  

Number 3


 After we find the properties to present to Our Cash Buyers, we simple ask the Sellers to sale the house to us at a "Fair Agreed Upon Price".