Commercial Land For Sale By Owner * $75k 1 Acre

973 S.  Hairston Rd  Stone Mountain, GA 30088 

This is a 1 Acre Commercial Lot For Sale By Owner for $75k in a Fast Growing Community very close to a Beautiful Community Recreational Park and other thieving businesses. In fact, once you the Buyer starts building, others will follow you and The Value of your Land and Building will Double in Value, if not more. With that in mind, the time to buy This Land is Now.

House For Sale * Reduced From $135k To $120k

Blackburn Way, is in the process of building $300k to 400k Homes in the near future.  Lots are being sold now for more than the price of the house we are selling on this Video. If you have the "Financial Means" to buy it and wait, you can resale it for $200,000 or more "As Is" when the New Home Building starts. For more information Contact Us.

Recent Sales


Sold for $63k in Jan. 2019   

724 Galloping Bend Ct. Auburn, GA 30011


Sold for $223k December 2018

814 Heritage Oaks Dr. Stone Mountain, GA 30088


Sold for 56k October 2018