About Us


Global Information Group, Inc. Finds Profitable Deals and Close Fast Without a "Commission Fee".

Global Information Group, Inc. started in 2009 as an Atlanta base Real Estate Renovation Company.  We Renovated Houses to Sell Wholesale or Retail.  Now our focus is on Buying and Selling Properties "As Is" and we leave a lot more "Profits" in our Real Estate Deals for our Cash Buyers and Sellers.  This act along sets Global Information Group, Inc. apart "By Far" from "Most Companies".


Global Information Group, Inc. Cash Buyers and Sellers Are "More" Important To Us Than Money And We Prove It By Demonstration.

Global Information Group, Inc. offer our Cash Buyers only Properties that will allow them and the Sellers to make a "Good Profit".  We have also decided to Protect Our Cash Buyers, Wholesale and Retail Sellers "By Doing Whatever It Takes" and "By Any Moral, Legal and Ethical Means Necessary".


Why Do Business With Global Information Group, Inc.? and What We Believe

Because we let the Profit Making Potential for Our Cash Buyers and Sellers from our Real Estate Deals speaks for Global Informational Group, Inc.  In other words, everybody can perform, but everybody don't or cannot Perform at "The Professional Level" in their Perspective Occupation. 

What We believe:  The price for success is high.  It must be paid for "In Advance In Full" without any guarantees and It's always too soon quit; It's never too late to start over and Never, Never, Never Give-up.